Turbo Friction Machine

• Centrifugal separation rotor 1800 2200 rpm rotating at high speed enables the separation of plastics from pollutants sludge and other pollutant residues with high efficiency enabling them to be cleaned at high efficiency
• Hexagonal inner screen hole diameter is 2 5 mm
• The water thrown from the machine is taken to the desired point with a pump
• Maximum safety is provided by manufacturing in accordance with work safety rules and CE standards
• The main motor power is 30 kW, the wastewater pump motor power is 1 5 kW
• All surfaces that the product touches are made of AISI 304 stainless steel
• With high pressure caused by high speed the screen holes are always open and the plastics that come out of the machine due to this pressure are carried to the other machine without the need for any other equipment
• High speed resistant bearings ensure the smooth operation of the machine by selecting the special series SKF brand that is kept outside the washing chamber