Packing Materials

Many industries prefer some materials in the packing industry and the materials such as; plastic, foam, aluminum and paper, which are mainly well-known types. We all do use those materials and the products made by with, from our homes to our workplaces. Kutay Global hereby offers you the best quality rolls and films made by plastic, foam, aluminum and carton. As well as, belonging to those materials, we may provide raw granules, masterbatch and flakes as well. Please contact if any of following options you are interested with:

-Polymer or Aluminum Films (to be used for sealing and sleeving)
-Bubble Rolls
-Strecth Film
-Styrofoam (cooling boxes or flat type)
-Foam or Carton Rolls and Films (for dispenser boxes and packing)
-Polymer or Biodegradable Granules