Hot Washing Units

Hot washing tanks used to purify very dirty plastics from contaminants by cleaning adhesives, label residues, label glues odor, oil, food and beverage residues

The hot washer have high washing performance with low energy consumption Working method The hot washing tanks rotate around their own axis with the mixers working independently in the washing rooms formed in a tank filled with caustic soda washing solution and industrial detergent solution, which is raised to 90 ºC with steam at 6 bar pressure Each washing chamber is filled and emptied by the rotation principle A predetermined amount of NaOH (sodium hydroxide caustic soda) and industrial detergent solution is dosed through a pneumatically operated automatic dosage control system The caustic and detergent solution is mixed with Pet flake by the mixer in the washing room and constantly rotating The caustic wash solution temperature is controlled by a heat stabilizer