Compacting Extruder

  1.  It has 800-1400 kg/saat capacity depending on the type of material to be processed. Output capacity varies according to the type of material to be processed, flexibility, MFI value and filtration precision.
  2.  Ø160 mm, L/D: 36 main screw with double gas removal. 7,5 kw Degassing vacuum system
  3.  Main Machine motor: 355 KW 1500 d/d. Agromel motor: 250 KW 1500 d/d.
  4.  The material directly heating and disintegrate in Agromel, and enter into screw-barrel. This reduces the strain on the screws and provide the goods withdrawal easier.
  5. Agromel boiler diameter Ø1600 mm. There are 15 knives in 3 rows; 5 knives in each row. The blades are made of 1.2379 Böhler steel.
  1. PLC controlled cover between Agromel and boiler is controlled by 1.1 KW motor.
  2. Filter is Ø400 mm, single plate, Double filtration is used. The 7,5 kW hydraulic unit, which is compatible with the filter unit, is used.
  3. 4140 materials are used in screw and sleeve manufacturing. As a result of heat treatment, the screw and sleeve are brought to a hardness level of 58-60 HRC.
  4. Vacuum system absorbs harmful gases and chemicals contained in the material being used. The resulting gas is purged of all harmful elements in compliance with the European Standards and human health.
  5. Gearboxes are YILMAZ brand / Motor GAMAK / Electrical materials are Schneider-Siemens brand in granular extruder machine.
  6. GEFRAN Brand pressure sensor is used.
  7. If the filter is not cleaned in the recommended period, the pressure sensor activates the alarm system and informs the personnel responsible for the situation.
  8. With the ceramic resistors used in the Granule Extruder Machine and the special protection enclosures reinforced with the insulation system, it provides 20% electricity savings and reduces the first running time of the machine from 1.5-2 hours to the minimum duration.
  9. With the help of the fans on the granule extruder machine, it is possible to adjust the different zones in different temperature values.
  10. The mixer pallets inside the side feed hopper prevent material clogging.
  11. All power transmissions are performed with SPC belts in the safety shield. Control panels, electrical power units and cables comply with CE standards, ISO9001-2008. PLC control system is used.
  12. Our machines have CE, GOST – R, TSE, Warranty Certificate, Post-Service Sufficiency and Service Sufficiency Certificates.
  13. For the cooling system required for Aglomer-Granul, a minimum of 100.000 kcal / hour capacity Chiller unit is required and the unit will be installed and piped by the customer.
  14. The machine needs 8-10 bar 4 m3 /hour compressed air, and the compressor and piping required for this unit belong to the buyer.
  15. The ventilation system required for the condenser, degassing zones and filtration zones of the unit will be made by the buyer.